Dry Cleaning, Clothing & Textile Care

At Dove, we mix traditional techniques with new, eco-friendly cleaning methods to ensure excellent results that benefits both your clothing and your environment. Follow the journey your garments will take with Dove.

Services & Pricing

Our prices start at the following, and are subject to change:

Dry Clean Shirt 35.95
Dry Clean Blouse 39.45
Dry Clean Skirt 44.95
Dry Clean Pants 44.95
Dry Clean Dress 72.45
Dry Clean Coat 109.45
Dry Clean Jacket 69.45
Dry Clean Men’s Suit 105.95
Dry Clean Women’s Suit 105.95
Dry Clean Tuxedo 135.95
Dry Clean Silk Blouse 44.95
Dry Clean Shorts 35.45
Dry Clean Sport Jacket 74.49
Dry Clean Sweater 44.45
Dry Clean Vest 35.45
Dry Clean Gloves 39.45
Dry Clean Scarf 35.45
Dry Clean Tie 39.45
Laundry Shirt (Folded) 18.95
Laundry Shirt 16.95
Household Sheets 60.45
Household Duvet 94.45
Household Bedspread 61.45
Household Drapes 175.00
Household Rugs 150.00

We’ll help you determine the best method to revive and restore your clothing.

Dry Cleaning

Dove offers the finest luxury dry cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. We have decades of experience of caring for the finest wardrobes in the city and use eco-friendly solvents with GreenEarth Technology.

Wet Cleaning

Dove has one of the only certified wet- cleaning facilities in the country.

Specialized Services

Note: Turnaround time on most specialized services is 1 to 2 weeks

Leather and Suede

Trust us with your finest leather and suede items.


We are experts in fine fabrics, delicate textures, intricate beading and vintage materials.

Bridal & Communion

Cleaning and preservation extends the life of your cherished heirlooms.


From bedding to tablecloths, we eliminate shrinkage and give your home the feeling of a 5-star affair.

Rugs & Drapes

Prolong the integrity of fabric and prevent against future stains and wear.

Slip Covers

Prevent shrinkage and make your sofas and chairs look like new. Ask about our added installation service.

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