Restoration Services

Luxury After-Care for High-End Fashion

Sometimes your beloved classics need more than a clean. Dove Restoration provides luxury after-care for high-end fashion. Whether it’s alterations on a classic jacket or suit, or giving your favourite shoes, boots and handbags a second life, Dove is dedicated to the fine craft of restoration — all with the convenience of pick-up and delivery services at your doorstep.

We work with a team of artisans who have made caring for luxury fashion items an art form. At Dove, we pride ourselves in our time-honed process and detailed workmanship that will make your favourite items look like new — only better.

Services & Pricing

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Standard Clean & Polish

Our customary polish and/or cleaning services will make your footwear look like new. We refresh everything from exclusive trainers to high-end suede boots.

- Starting at $30

Specialized Cleaning

We clean the interior and exterior of footwear, ranging from high-end sneakers to leather and suede boots and designer heels. We take pride in bringing new life to your footwear favourites and increasing the longevity of your most beloved shoes.

- Starting at $60

Elastic Refresh

Tiny strips of elastic between ankle straps and buckles are easily broken on delicate shoes and sandals. We will source the closest possible match in size, colour and material to the original—and then hand-stich them to perfection.

- Starting at $90

Reheels and Toe Pieces

Fashionistas know that the heels and toepieces wear down much quicker than the rest of a shoe. Let us replace your heel cap, heel block, and/or do a mini resole at the shoe’s tip, so your favourite heels look as new on the bottom as they do on the top.

- Starting at $35

Heel Refinishing & Recovery

From heels that have scratched or marked due to grass or gravel to those that have actually snapped, we can recover, and match the shape, slope, and height of your original heel.

- Starting at $125


Full and partial resoles can restart your footwear’s life expectancy. This process also includes a re-heel. (Note: This process will remove any embossed branding on the original sole.)

- Starting at $80


Our introductory polish and/or cleaning will make your footwear look like new. We refresh everything from exclusive trainers to high-end suede boots.

- Starting at $25

Colour Restoration

From faded colour to scratches, we can restore the original hues of your favourite shoes, while maintaining their beloved details.

- Starting at $120

New Life to Satin Shoes

Whether you are dyeing satin shoes for a wedding or event or giving them a second life, our dyeing services can match swatches to re-invent a new shoe or conceal an unclean-able stain.

- Starting at $25

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